We offer our clients custom-made procurement in China, Hong Kong, India and other Asian countries.​

From the factory to your store

Selection of a reliable supplier


Thanks to long-term contacts in Asia and our foreign offices it is not difficult for us to find a foreign supplier. We always prefer direct contact with the factory, so we reduce the cost of the goods for the client and at the same time shorten the time required for production. During our operational years we have acquired a solid base of verified suppliers, which we are not afraid to enrich with other partners. When comparing offers, we consider the delivery speed, price and the quality of goods. Our offices located across Asia provide us with a strong support in tracking and comparing purchase prices.



Our suppliers are found on three continents. The vast majority in Asia:

Indian subcontinent

India – India is a strong partner for us, especially thanks to the founder of Trade Concept, who is from India. Even in our online catalog you can find goods inspired by the Orient, namely the pattern of mandala and karma. We also import Indian doormats and hand-painted and embroidered leather wallets. Every year we also expand the assortment of stainless steel goods.

Among other things, we have also been entering the production of scented candles in India for years, which appear in our assortment in more than fifteen weights and in several dozen scents. And in close cooperation with our graphics department we present all year and Christmas collections of kitchen textiles each year, which we have recently enlarged to include collections made from recycled materials.

Sri Lanka – Sri Lanka is our distributor of the finest teas in the world. We also design and produce gift and Christmas packings for teas in cooperation with our suppliers in China.

Pakistan – We import bedding as well as certified cloth diapers for babies from Pakistan.

East Asia

China – In East Asia, we have a big focus on China. This is because we import our fragrance line from here, our beautiful scent diffusers, clays and bags, home textiles and porcelain with ceramics, that means something from every part of our assortment

Hong Kong – our cooperation with smaller suppliers in Hong Kong is greatly simplified by our office located here.

Vietnam – when buying rattan and wicker baskets and their accessories, Vietnam is our first choice due to the quality of their production.

However, our suppliers can also be found in Africa or Europe.

Beautiful customized designs

There are no limits when it comes to design. Our products are tailored by our graphic department according to the client requirements or they are designed directly upon request. We have been following current trends on the European market for a long time and are able to respond flexibly and propose alternative solutions. We also serve our clients as advisors regarding the choice of colors or the possibility of applying the required designs to the products. Various Christmas designs, flower collections or lines inspired by the Orient are our pride.

Quality products

Despite the consistent selection of the factory in which we manufacture the goods for you and the thorough processing of designs, we monitor the quality of the products throughout the production process. We always provide samples of requested goods at the request of clients, even before we close the order.

Furthermore, the products undergo a triple check. Before production itself we make the final adjustments to the design applied to the product with the customer. At this point we are fully flexible and open to change. After approval by the customer there is a subsequent quality check after production using inspection photos or an inspection visit at the port.

The last inspection is carried out by us in our warehouse after unloading the goods and making sure that everything is prepared for you exactly according to the requirements.

An important part of the product is, of course, marking, containing EAN codes, brands, eventually more detailed product specifications and other customer requirements. In this step too, we are in full contact with clients and our graphics department.

Delivery to the door

After the production and preparation of the goods for the journey to you our transport department will ensure the best option for delivering the goods to your door. We transport cargo by water and air and we also follow new trends in transportation from Asia via rail. In this final step we continuously inform you about the approaching delivery to your warehouse. We send the products to you at the time specified by you after prior agreement. We are happy to deliver the goods to your warehouse or directly to your store.

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