Do not have enough experience with imports or lack qualified personnel? Devote your time to other core activities while we provide you complete Import services.

We help small and medium-sized businesses mainly in Western Europe, for whom we import goods under their requirements at competitive prices.

We import original goods exactly according to your specifications and design and quality requirements.

We minimize your worries about delivering goods to a designated location.

Mode Of Cooperation

  • Customized solution as per your requirements.
  • A personal meeting with you to give us your ideas about the product you are looking for (sample, layout, photographs, material specifications, target price, quantity, etc.).
  • We select the appropriate manufacturer and send you a quote.
  • We provide you the first samples for review.
  • After the start of production, we are in contact with the manufacturer and our employees are overseeing the production schedule.
  • Prior to embarkation, a qualitative check of the goods is performed.
  • We will ensure the shipping of goods and transport right up to your warehouse.


Our long experience in Imports services has enabled us to develop deep insights into the European and Asian markets. We put them to work by

Helping Czech manufacturers to explore and export to these markets

Exporting ourselves goods Made in the Czech Republic to these markets

Private labeling Czech made goods with our brands for exporting to these markets.

Our local offices in these markets play a key role to ensure that the entire process works seamlessly

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