Only registered and approved buyers can buy at wholesale prices. The buyer purchases in a similar way to a normal e-shop, adds goods to the shopping cart, selects a shipping method and method of payment.

Registered customers see prices without VAT. The customer has the option to order in pieces or whole cartons. Prices are not displayed to unregistered users.

If the goods are in stock, they are ready to be picked up at our external warehouse usually within 5 days of order confirmation. We also offer option to send the goods directly to the required address. If the merchandise is currently sold out, we are able to reserve them for the customer and deliver them as soon as they are available. For the first order with us, we require payment in advance or upon receipt of the goods (can be paid in cash), for subsequent orders it is possible to pay based on invoice issued upon delivery of goods.

Please register at  After due verification process we will approve your request.

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